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Robert Haemmerling uses found objects and materials to create works that cohesively meld different images into one unique figure. For several years he has focused on the human figure, as well as an occasional dog or two! He describes his artistic process as an "attempt to create something that has a universal feel to it. A familiar turn of the head or a hand gesture can be the catalyst that starts it all off". As individual figures evolve they can take on roles, complete with names and histories.

Haemmerling maintains a vital openness, necessary with the variety of objects he utilizes, for his works to develop through accident and chance. Adding and removing materials throughout the process also allows the piece to emerge as something new and unexpected. Through his practice he has learned to trust his intuition, and ultimately to be personally surprised, which motivates him to continue with his work.

After studying psychology and art at the College of San Mateo, Haemmerling transferred to San Francisco State University where he studied under Paul Pratchenko, John Ihle, Seymour Locks, and Stephen DeStaebler who helped him earn his B.F.A. in 1985. In 1989 he enrolled at San Jose State University where he studied Painting and Printmaking under Leigh Hyams, Pat Surgalski, and Rupert Garcia.

Dave Yoas uses visual hooks to capture the attention of the viewer. From across the room, his beguilingly campy assemblages beckon through color, drawing the viewer in to explore at closer range and captivating them with the depth of detail that compose the narrative. His highest hope is "when people view my work, they will find some element that engages and affects them."

Yoas began working in tin over 20 years ago, following a period of making low fire ceramic sculptures. Almost anything — from a vintage piece of tin to a phrase — inspires the stories told through his works. With the thought in his head, he begins to bring together bits and pieces from the riotously colorful storehouse of tin found in his studio, seeking out any missing elements to fully elaborate on the theme.

Following graduation from U.C. Santa Cruz, Dave traveled in Europe and the Far East, observing the colors, architecture, and patterns of other cultures. Landing in the Netherlands, he was exposed for the first time to the life of working artists when he stayed with a family that had two practicing artists and two who also did art on the side. There as a "guest worker", it wasn't until moving back to California that he was able to fulfill his own personal creative passion.

Bringing these two artists together for The Tin Men Sanchez Art Center Artistic Director Jerry Ross Barrish notes that both artists use tin in different ways, but there seems to be a spiritual connection between them and the pieces they create. To experience their work and to get to know the artists, visit the show and then come to their Artists' Talk on Sunday, March 20, at 3:30 pm in the Main Gallery.

Special Event Sun, Mar 20
3:30 pm Artist/Curator Talk in the Main Gallery

Sanchez Art Center is located at 1220 Linda Mar Blvd in Pacifica, about a mile east of Highway 1. Following opening night, the galleries are open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, 1–5 pm, through March 20. For more information, email info@SanchezArtCenter.org, or call 650.355.1894.



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