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In Then is Now, 1995-2023, Foad Satterfield shares a retrospective of his works from various series of his paintings. Satterfield notes that while each painting is unique within the context of its series, collectively they share an internal structure weaving them together with an intentional logic grounded into a pictorial intimacy and personal narrative. Working with the artist to select the pieces, curator Jerry Ross Barrish (Sanchez Art Center's Artistic Director) notes that the show is more than a painting exhibit, veering into "an installation bringing nature inside the gallery. Visitors will be surrounded by a world of nature as Foad Satterfield sees it".

Satterfield, who began his professional artistic practice committed to painting in 1973, has long explored his, and by extension our, relationship with nature. His work is grounded in his early years, born in 1945 in Orange, Texas, and raised along the Gulf Coast of Louisiana. The geographic area, rich in texture, color and light welcomed him to explore nature while providing a diversion to the tension of the Jim Crow south. A journey by a great aunt traveling to Spain and Rome and collecting trunks full of artifacts sent to family back in Louisiana, provided fascination and a sense of the broader world, that drew him into art.

Satterfield earned his B.A. at Southern University, Baton Rouge, LA and his M.F.A. Painting from Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA. From 1980 – 2018, he was Professor of Art, Dominican University of California in San Rafael, and also Curator, San Marco Gallery at the university, through 2015.

Loose brushstrokes, infused with a depth of color and energy generate an interior light in each of his works that can be viewed as both abstractions and representational landscapes. The artist notes, "As life's processes reveal themselves to me, I am more able to view and articulate the textures and the warm and cool colors of the earth, and to contemplate and perceive this living world and the unchanging mystery from which Life began."

Then is Now, an exploration of the artists journey over time, will conclude with a program on Sunday, Feb. 11, beginning at 3:00 pm with musical reflections on the artists work by Bernini Baroque Trio, immediately followed a conversation with the artist.

Special Event Sun, Feb 11
Beginning at 3:00 pm
Musical Reflections on the Artists Work by Bernini Baroque Trio
3:30 pm Artist Conversation

Sanchez Art Center is located at 1220 Linda Mar Blvd in Pacifica, about a mile east of Highway 1. Following opening night, the galleries are open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, 1–5 pm, and by appointment, through Feb 11.

The opening, talks, and gallery visits are free as part of the Center's focus on "Creating Community through Art".


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